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Fundamental Rights Initiative is co-hosting the Copenhagen People Power Conference 2023

The world is facing several interconnected crises. At times, these can seem unsolvable, and yet, we have witnessed the power that people hold when they and partner organizations come together around shared demands. Brave people all over the world have shown the tremendous courage it takes to rise up, but also the price peaceful protesters pay. If we are to successfully respond to today’s most pressing crises, we need to understand the role that social movements play and the way in which we can support them.

Together with partners, the Fundamental Rights Initiative is hosting a global conference in Copenhagen on the 28th and 29th of September, 2023. The conference will deepen our understanding of the power and potential of social movements in the fight for democracy & digital rights, climate justice, and peace & security. We will explore the importance of people and movements striving for a just world, where everyone can enjoy their fundamental rights. We will also celebrate the social movement of the year through our People Power Award, a new annual award created by ActionAid Denmark. By co-hosting the Copenhagen People Power Conference, the Fundamental Rights Initiative aims to contribute to the dialogue on how social movements play a leading role in defending and securing fundamental rights and to bring key European perspectives and actors to the table.

Exploring fundamental rights across global and local crises

During the conference we will explore the work and experiences of social movements in a world of multiple interrelated crises – from deteriorating democracy and rule of law to the ever-present climate crisis posing not only environmental and economic, but also deep social challenges. Across these major challenges, we seek to sustain an ever-present focus on the fight for protecting fundamental rights and the core democratic values, as well as the space for civil society and social movements to play their role in addressing these issues.

The conference will explore the challenges facing social movements and restricting civic space through debates on every aspect of the life cycle of a social movement: From capacity strengthening to funding, from solidarity to advocacy. Through these discussions, we will seek out concrete recommendations on how the civic space for social movements to function and create meaningful social change can be ensured.


The conference is invite-only, but if you represent a relevant social movement, CSO, state- or government actor, stakeholder or private organization, and wish to participate, please reach out to


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