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Dear Europe, Dear Leaders, Dear People, Dear Media

- By Alix Pellizzer, Student at Vraa Folk High School

Dear Europe, Dear Leaders, Dear People, Dear media,

"It only happens to others …. until it happens to us".

This July 2021 violent floods killed more than 191 people in Germany and Belgium after more than a year 1 out of 10 victims is still in the worst difficulties. Bad decisions about dams and a policy of heavy urbanisation were key factors during the floods, but it should not be forgotten that global warming also played a role.

There are two types of disasters explains François Gemenne, one is not influenced by the climate like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. But the second, droughts, floods, and hurricanes, is completely in link with the climate because of global warming, the air is becoming more humid, this increases the intensity and frequency of hydro-climatic disasters.

The floods in 2021 is the result of OUR consumption, of OUR production of greenhouse gases. It is all the fast-fashion and fast-production that surrounds our lives, it is OUR over-consumption. This is the reality of so many countries in the past few years, but they are far away of us. So, our media prefer just to skip the information because it only happens to others … right?

Although I would have preferred to do without these tragic events, I hope, at least, that more people now have conscious of the impact of the global warming.

Forget what I just wrote, when I see the result of this COP27, I find it hard to believe that ecology is really at the heart of the debate.

I would start by introducing the sponsor of this world meeting FOR ecology: Coca-Cola, the biggest plastic polluter in the world, also accused of greenwashing, the practice of falsely claiming to be environmentally responsible to attract more customers.

The second controversy concerns the private jets used by speakers to travel to Egypt, where COP 27 was taking place. Private jets are one of the most environmentally unfriendly forms of transport in the world.

To finish this point, I find it aberrant that environmental activists directly concerned by this climate carnage are prevented from participating in the debate and discussion. At the same time, 636 lobbyists came to defend fossil fuels, an increase of 25% compared to the COP 26. I find this more than abnormal, it would be like asking butchers to create a vegan restaurant, it makes no sense.

Dear leaders, please listen to the ecological scientists and activists who are the first to be concerned by the problem, rather than to favour the fossil fuel lobby.

Dear media please stop implanting in people's minds that being green is boring, complicated, and restrictive. Please show the positive side of saving our home: If we produce what we consume, we can consume unlimited.

In other words, ecology is no longer a restriction but can be a new form of excess. I believe in solar energy, I believe in wind energy, I believe in green energy, and I am convinced that we can, so that Europe and the world can be greener and stop depending on ephemeral energy.

Alix, Young European woman, 18 years old, worried about her planet.

If you want your input on Nyt Europa's website, send your contribution to and participate in the debate.


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