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tirs. 14. feb.


Digital speaker-series

Talks Beyond Growth (complete series sign-up)

How is the current economic system causing environmental and social injustice, and how should the system change so that we attain a safe and just society within the planetary boundaries?

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Talks Beyond Growth (complete series sign-up)
Talks Beyond Growth (complete series sign-up)

Tid & sted

14. feb. 2023, 17.00

Digital speaker-series

Om eventet

Those questions are at the core of this digital speaker-series exploring the interlinkages of capitalism, climate crisis, and inequality. Throughout eight talks we place capitalism under a microscope and look closer through different lenses.

We've invited some of the brightest experts within their fields to unfold errors of capitalism and introduce new sustainable perspectives on how to fix these errors.

Don't worry, acquaintance with the different perspectives is not a prerequisite for participating. Talks about the economy are not only for politicians and economists; they are for everyone

- Talks Beyond Growth takes place on Zoom. A link will be provided before the event. - The talks are FREE of charge, however, sign-up is required. - Talks Beyond Growth is developed by Nyt Europa in collaboration with Oxfam IBIS and Rethinking Economics DK.

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