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søn. 23. jul.



European Folk High School

For a week, youth from all over Europe will gather in Spain to debate, learn, create and to make their voice heard on the future of Europe.

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European Folk High School
European Folk High School

Tid & sted

23. jul. 2023, 19.00 – 30. jul. 2023, 19.00

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Om eventet

During the European Folk High School week, participants will explore issues of particular relevance for the European youth and co-create solutions to the common challenges that are shared across regions. Participating in the European Folk High School will give you a pan-European network to further support your work as a youth changemaker.

Folk High Schools are non-formal adult learning spaces where you live and study together and where you can engage with almost any subject.

A Folk High School is a Danish educational institution, first presented by priest, poet and politicians N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783-1872). Grundtvig created the notion of the “people’s enlightenment” in which people engage in lifelong learning, gaining the enlightenment that he considered necessary in order for people to be able to participate as responsible citizens in deliberations about society. Later, theologian and teacher Hal Kock, who also has his background as a Folk High School teacher, argued that democracy should not be restricted to the representation of people in political institutions such as in parliament, but should also embrace participation by citizens in processes of deliberation about the common good. These perspectives are the core of Folk High Schools today, and this philosophy of non-formal education and democratic participation is the key feature of every training and educational activity in this proposal.

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