- during the European year of the youth 2022 

“The next year will lay the foundation for giving young people a stronger platform to make their voices heard. We need all young people to be involved and participate in creating a better, greener, more digital and inclusive future in Europe.”
- Sabine Verheyen, Chair Committee on Culture and Education

 summer summit 


Join us in the beautiful Danish city of Humlebæk for a week-stay this summer at Krogerup Folk high School from August the 14th – 21st.   

For a week youth from all over Europe will gather to debate, learn, create and to make their voice heard on the future of our Europe.

During Folk High School week, participants will explore issues of particular relevance for the European youth. Further the stay will be an opportunity to; receive local leadership and coaching resources; share best practice on activism and on achieving the sustainable development goals on a local level; and gaining insight as well as a pan-European network to further support their work as youth changemakers.


 Young Europeans face distinct concerns, e.g. youth unemployment, changing labour markets, climate and ecological crises etc., which impact their current and future lives. Simultaneously, there are signs of tangible challenges to European youth quality of life in areas of personal rights, freedoms, and choice and in navigating the growing digital sphere. COVID-19 has not only highlighted but enhanced these said issues. 'Make Your Voice Heard' is a collection of advocacy tours, where we will discuss why and how young people should be listened to and how access to democratic practices should unfold in the coming years. Young people are at the forefront of the digital world, and with the awareness of how the digitalization brings both opportunities and challenges, we will discuss how EU legislation and initiatives can secure the democratic participation among young people and strengthen youth rights.



The Academy of Change is a training course for young people who want to work on climate, social and economic justice, get skilled in methods of change and become part of an international youth network.

In the Academy of Change we investigate solutions together and dive into alternative practices and methods to create the change we want to see in the world.




The crisis and isolation of Covid-19 results in youths in Europe having a similar everyday as ever before. However, isolation does not mean the end of engagement and the end of young voices to be heard – quite the contrary! Which new questions, concerns and beliefs about Europe do we get from isolation and pandemic, both politically and culturally? And how are these perspectives different among youths in Europe? With the purpose to create a European youth dialogue and sharing of experience and knowledge in the light of the crisis, Nyt Europa hosted an online programme for youths around Europe. The programme consisted of 7 different online labs and larger thematic conferences that educated 25 youths from Europe giving them practical skills and knowledge about the situation that society goes through. 7 labs and conferences in 8 weeks with 1 event pr. week and was hosted by professional trainers such as activists, journalists, civil actors and experts. The online labs were interactive and guided by the principles of non-formal learning.



We, 200 young Europeans from 22 countries gathered on the Youth Island (Ungdomsøen) in Denmark 10.-12. May 2019. We wanted to debate the future of Europe seen from a youth perspective. Beforehand, at 10 Danish folk high schools, we have discussed and analyzed the following five topics: Youth under pressure, Identity and Culture, Refugees and Migration, Climate and EU in the World.